It’s all about balance.

Sustainable Forest Management is the single most important topic for both internal and external stakeholders in the Forest Supply Chain. Our generational commitment to growing sustainable forests means investing long-term and having a strong operational plan. For us, sustainable forest management means a healthy, secure, growing, and high-quality wood supply guaranteeing our supply chain never runs out of wood.

This approach is all about balance. We strive to balance operational short-term needs with the long-term vision required to provide for future generations. To balance society’s needs and economics with ecology. From conserving land, to sustaining quality jobs, providing recreation opportunities and pleasing aesthetics, managing these values over time is the foundation of our sustainability framework. We take our role as stewards of the forest very seriously and strive to be good neighbors to our communities, good partners to our stakeholders and responsible suppliers to our customers. These values are rooted in caring for the forest and are the foundation of the JDI approach to sustainability found in all businesses across our Supply Chain.